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CES: Plessey imPart Contactless Gesture Recognition


Plessey's imPart Contactless Gesture Recognition is designed to fit around computer monitors, portable laptop computers, ultra books and tablets. imPart uses Plessey's EPIC sensors, which detect changes in electric potential, and enables device manufacturers to gesture-enable computer screens without needing expensive, power hungry, capacitive touchscreen technology or cameras.

The EPIC sensor works by detecting changes in electric potential that could be in muscles or nerves or changes in the Earth's atmospheric electric potential field caused by a hand or body moving through it. The technology functions as an ultra-high, input impedance sensor that acts as a highly stable, extremely sensitive, contactless voltmeter to measure tiny changes in the electric field down to milliVolts.

Plessey will be demonstrating their new, low cost, Contactless Gesture Recognition technology called imPart at CES 2013, Booth 73506, Level 3 Venetian Hotel.

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