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CES: Qt 5.4 supports HTML5 hybrid development, introduces Windows Phone support


The Qt Company has released a new version of its leading cross-platform application and user interface (UI) development framework, Qt 5.4, is available for download. Qt 5.4 enables creation of connected devices and applications with native C++ performance letting companies reaching all major desktop, embedded, and mobile operating systems. The release also introduces the LGPLv3 to Qt’s licensing options to protect users’ freedom as it was intended by the Free Software Foundation.

Qt 5.4 builds on the advances contained in recent versions, adding functionality and enhancing performance in ways that will assist developers targeting a wide variety of applications.


  • A new Chromium-based browser engine, Qt WebEngine, to support HTML5 hybrid development future-proofing the integration of web technologies, licensed under a commercial license and the LGPLv3
  • Full support for Windows Store Apps, including WinRT and Windows Phone 8.1
  • Availability of native Android look and feel for Qt Quick Controls only licensed under a commercial license and LGPLv3
  • I mprovements to device creation development with several updates and new features, most notably Qt Quick Compiler 2.0 and the new Qt Quick 2D Renderer;
  • A completely new ‘Flat Light’ style for Qt Quick Controls that will give a polished look-and-feel to applications and device UIs.

Reflecting the growth in development of wearable devices and the Internet of Things, a technology preview of Bluetooth Low Energy support is included. Qt 5.4 also includes an update to its Qt Creator IDE to version 3.3, which introduces an all-new Qt Quick Designer and many other productivity enhancing features.

Qt 5.4 supports hybrid application development well into the future with the new Chromium-based browser engine, Qt WebEngine, fully supported on desktop and embedded platforms. Besides providing cross-platform APIs to Chromium, Qt WebEngine fully integrates with the Qt graphics stack, allowing web content to be overlaid and mixed with Qt UIs or OpenGL graphical effects.

Qt 5.4 offers improved compliance with the latest desktop OS versions, improving the experience on OS X 10.10 Yosemite, supporting high definition displays, as well as improvement for Windows 8.1, enabling dynamic GL switching between OpenGL and ANGLE on Windows. With the graphics API provided by Qt 5.4, it is now possible to mix and match Qt Quick, Qt Widgets and raw OpenGL as required.

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