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CES: Rambus unveils interactive multimedia platform

In yet another move away from its roots as the owner of a proprietary very high speed RAM interface, Rambus Inc. used the 2013 CES as the venue for a new multi-media solution that allows consumers to interact with and access “over the top” video in a personalized, immersive experience.

According to John Thomas, vice president of the Mobile Technology Division at Rambus, the new Imerz universal platform uniquely allows for integrated multi-screen viewing, social interaction, e-commerce and access to metadata in a simple and compelling way.

“The level of access and interactivity we’ve been able to incorporate into our Imerz platform is unprecedented for the consumer,” he said. “While other offerings have delivered aspects of interactive TV, we feel none of them have successfully integrated all of the functionality into a single, integrated offering like we have.”

Key components of the new platform include:

1) Single point of integration for Content Rights Owners Unique searching interface to discover and select video content

2) Seamless connection between TV and mobile, including mobile-based media remote control

3) Deep social integration so that consumers can sign-on with their social networks and share, post, discuss what they’re viewing from their mobile device and TV

4) On-screen interactivity with video and broadcast content, including frame-by-frame synchronization of temporal/spatial tags for story-telling, product information and e-commerce

5) Unparalleled communication opportunities for consumers to use in-app IM, voice chat, video chat and on-TV social viewing

6) Content tagging service, including curated or live metadata logging.

The Imerz media platform allows content rights owners and distributors to integrate against a single point in the cloud to distribute their content over multiple heterogeneous devices and take advantage of the full interactivity.

For example, said Thomas, Willow.TV, a rights owner for cricket content in North America, has deployed the Imerz platform. In addition, the Willow.TV application for GoogleTV is also based on the Imerz platform and is available for download through the Google Playstore.

He said Rambus is working with additional content rights owners, along with distributors, to incorporate additional content and new end-points.

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