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Ceva signs for vision-based gesture-recognition

DSP vendor Ceva Inc.   is working with EyeSight Mobile Technologies Ltd., to develop vision-based touch-free technologies for use in consumer electronics.

They will each offer to their customers a package consisting of EyeSight's hand gesture recognition software on Ceva's MM2000 portable multimedia platform, the latter based on the Ceva-X1622 16-bit DSP core and an application-specific DSP accelerator subsystem, the Ceva-XS1200A.

EyeSight has developed vision-based hand-gesture recognition software for any camera-enabled device and believes the approach is suitable for smartphones, tablet computers, eReaders, portable games consoles, digital picture frames and picoprojectors amongst other devices.

“The unique combination of power efficiency and high performance of the CEVA-MM2000 proved an excellent technology to provide high recognition while keeping the power consumption to a minimum,” said Itay Katz EyeSight's founder and CEO.

“Differentiation is key to the success of high performance multimedia SoCs and our fully programmable platform enables our multimedia customers to achieve this through our CEVAnet partners such as EyeSight or to add their own proprietary software with minimal effort,” said Eran Briman, vice president of marketing.

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