CGI Studio HMI Authoring Tool supports eT-Kernel Real-Time OS -

CGI Studio HMI Authoring Tool supports eT-Kernel Real-Time OS

Fujitsu CGI Studio, a set of hybrid 2D and 3D human machine interface (HMI) development tools, is now integrated with eSOL’s eT-Kernel real-time OS. The combination of CGI Studio and eT-Kernel/POSIX enables eT-Kernel users to implement proven 2D and 3D GUIs on their devices. eSOL will demonstrate FEAT’s CGI Studio on eT-Kernel at its booth, West 5-14, at the 16th Embedded Systems Expo, May 8-10 in Tokyo, Japan.

CGI Studio offers a rich set of 2D/3D graphical development tools for embedded systems, including tools for 2D / 3D composition and authoring, performance measuring and improving, state machine integration and testing, functional safety according to ASIL norms, and a fully-fledged 2D / 3D rendering engine. It is designed to boost system performance even under hardware resource and cost constraints. CGI Studio supports OpenGLR ES2.0, which allows highly sophisticated graphical effect including reflections, shadows, warping, morphing, etc. However, it is easy to use, even for entry-level GUI – developers. CGI Studio has been used in many clusters and IVI systems worldwide, primarily in EU markets for premium OEMs.

The eT-Kernel real-time OS is used worldwide in a variety of embedded systems, including automotive, industrial, aerospace, and consumer devices. The eT-Kernel consists of three scalable profiles to choose from depending on system size and purpose, including eT-Kernel/POSIX with high Linux compatibility. This eT-Kernel scalability accelerates the sharing of software assets on each eT-Kernel profile. It also ensures efficient software development of a related series or next-generation products.

The eT-Kernel comes with development tools, middleware components, and professional services in eSOL’s integrated eT-Kernel Platform. The eT-Kernel Platform offers developers a choice of GUI middleware components including the Qt? application and UI framework. Now CGI Studio’s support has expanded the choice for eT-Kernel users and offers them even more graphical features. CGI Studio and the eT-Kernel Platform can be used with Fujitsu Semiconductor’s ARM-based Emerald series graphic controllers (MB86R1x).
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