Characterization/verification tools improve reliability in SoC designs -

Characterization/verification tools improve reliability in SoC designs


Santa Clara, Calif. — Legend Design Technology, Inc. has released the CharFlo-Cell!, a next-generation cell library characterization tool, and Model Diagnoser, a cell library verification tool for incoming quality assurance. Together, these tools provide a total solution for memory IP, standard cell and I/O library characterization and verification in SoC designs.

CharFlo-Cell! is an automatic standard cell I/O library characterization tool designed with patented multi-goals bi-section technology that can fully prevent reliability problems, said Legend Design. This is in comparison to traditional tools that characterize the cells based on the measurement of pins but without looking inside the cells for reliability issues such as glitch/metastability, said the company.

The Model Diagnoser is designed to diagnose the .Lib models of the cell library, and to identify all “function failure” and “easy-to-break” parts (e.g. glitch/metastability). The tool can analyze inside-cell to locate and simulate high-risk spots and report the problems quantitatively (e.g. glitch over 42% of Vdd). Typically, those problems are caused by the .Lib models incorrectly characterized, said the company.

Pricing: CharFlo-Cell! starts from $100K, and Model Diagnoser from $50K.
Product information: CharFlo-Cell

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