Chelsio brings 40 Gbit/second speeds to Ethernet NICs -

Chelsio brings 40 Gbit/second speeds to Ethernet NICs


Set to begin sampling in April, Chelsio Communications’ Terminator 5 Ethernet controller chip supports data rates up to 40 Gbits/second, competing with such more dedicated alternatives such as Infiniband in clustering and Fibre Channel in storage.

The T5 supports four 10G or two 40G ports. It is configured with a x8 PCI Express Gen 3 bus and uses two DDR3 memory channels.

It supports a number of networking protocols including iWARP RDMA, iSCSI, Fibre Channel over Ethernet and Network Address Translation. It also supports PCIe Single Root I/O Virtualization, 8PF/128VF + VEPA/VEB, and 802.1Qbg/h.

The T5 uses the same software APIs as Chelsio’s previous T4 generation. The same APIs will also be used in a future 100G IC.

The T5 is designed in 45nm SOI CMOS technology and packaged in a 31 x 31mm, 899-pin FCBGA.

Customer samples will be available before April and volume quantities are expected before July. Driver development and reference design kits are available now.

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