Chinese consumers losing interest in wearables? -

Chinese consumers losing interest in wearables?

Surveys indicate that 45.7 percent of consumers stop using their wearable devices within a month. In six months, that number swells to almost 99 percent. The sobering stats that show how quickly wearables pass into oblivion comes from a survey by Tencent, China’s popular Internet service portal. They illustrate the dilemma of the wearable market in China — which designs, produces and consumes a majority of the world’s wearable devices.

Many Chinese system and IC designers are keenly aware that they’ve got to rethink this whole thing if they want a viable future for wearable electronics.

Chinese vendors see the nascent wearable market, despite its uncertainties, as their chance to seize the initiative, compared to their catch-up/copycat status in smartphones.

A group Chinese technophiles involved in wearables gathered here last week at the Songshan Lake Forum, an invitation-only event sponsored mainly by China Semiconductor Industry Association, Dongguan Songshan Lake IC Design Service Center and VeriSilicon.

VeriSilicon CEO holding a microphone at the far right moderates the panel.

VeriSilicon CEO holding a microphone at the far right moderates the panel.

Some 20 executives from China fabless companies came, including Rockchip, Memsensing and Leadcore. Also present were a dozen systems companies ranging from wearable-device startups to established firms like TCL and Huawei, and a half-dozen prominent industry analysts and observers.

Moderater Wayne Dai, CEO of VeriSilicon, used Socratic method to lead the conversation. An industry panel representing a cross section of the audience debated heatedly on smartwatches, wearable wristbands and smart-home technologies. Their discussions covered usage models, market obstacles, and lessons they learned from first-generation wearable devices. Audience members participated in real time, voting via the WeChat app.

Table of contents:

  1. China Debates Wearables
  2. Apple Watch vs. Huawei Watch
  3. Smartwatch can’t be just a toy
  4. Charging frequency
  5. 5 obstacles for wearables
  6. Wearable usage models
  7. Can Apple Watch beat Swatch?
  8. Who will win the smartwatch battle?
  9. Who will rule the smart home?

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  1. “”Chinese consumers losing interest in wearables” says the headline.nnSurely to lose interest, you must have had it in the first place.nnHas there ever really been interest in wearables from consumers? Real interest of the “I'll spend $1000 per year

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