Chip carries Ethernet, ATM traffic in advanced IP-DSLAM apps -

Chip carries Ethernet, ATM traffic in advanced IP-DSLAM apps


Shelton, Conn.—TranSwitch Corp. recently launched Diplomat-IP, an SoC that is optimized to transport Ethernet and ATM traffic in next-generation IP-DSLAM equipment.

In addition to DSLAMs, the Diplomat-IP is also suitable for next-generation digital loop carriers (NG-DLC), broadband access gateways and GPON (gigabit passive optical network) and EPON (Ethernet passive optical network) OLTs (optical line terminals ).

The Diplomat-IP configurable packet processor for bandwidth intensive triple-play services complies with the TR-101 standard. For more on the standard and how designers can migrate to higher speed Ethernet-based DSL aggregation, click here:

For a TR-101 webtorial archive, click here:

The Diplomat-IP configurable packet processor has a hard-wired data path. As a result, it performs in a deterministic nature with low-power dissipation. That gives designers the ability to allocate more of their power budget to other components, analysts say.

The Diplomat-IP configurable packet processor has a powerful packet engine for Layer 2 to Layer 4 wire-speed processing with capacity up to 3.2- Gbits/s and 4-mpps.

It features AAL5 SAR, Ethernet bridging, stacked VLAN, flow-based traffic management for advanced QoS handling, and dual mode operation to simultaneously support ADSL and VDSL. Its two GE ports provide flexible system connectivity with 1:1 protection, link aggregation, or daisy chain for protection/restoration, remote DSLAM and stacked DSLAM configurations respectively.

The Diplomat-IP is based on .13 micron technology. Its power supply is 1.5-V (core), 1.8-V (DDR-II I/O) and 3.3-V (I/O); power dissipation is less than 3-W.

Customer samples will be available by December 2006. Pricing for Diplomat-IP is less than $40 in 10K volumes

For a datasheet, click here:

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