Chip family easy on batteries -

Chip family easy on batteries

The 8-bit HCS08 family of microprocessors targets power-limited portable and wireless devices that require flash memory and quick transitions from sleep to performance modes, such as remote control units, handheld instruments, utility meters, and security systems. One of the main focuses of the HCS08 chips is to extend battery life. To that end, they feature several power management modes, including a 20nA power-down mode.

Motorola has also developed a Battery Life Calculator that examines various factors-such as the percentage of time the HCS08 will operate in the different modes, how often the system will use the A/D converter, how fast the system is running, and the average system operating voltage and temperature-and uses them to estimate battery life. Engineers can then adjust product parameters such as battery size and clock speed to evaluate their effect on system performance.

The chips also feature zero-component auto-wakeup, a programmable internal clock generator with temperature and voltage compensation, in-application reprogramming and data storage via third-generation 0.25-micron flash technology, four serial communication ports, up to eight timer/PWMs, and an 8-channel 10-bit analog-to-digital converter specified down to 1.8V. The HCS08 devices also feature a single-wire background debug mode with on-chip emulation, trigger, and trace hardware.

All members of the HCS08 family are code-compatible with all HC08 products currently available and feature flash memory ranging in size from 32KB to 60KB and various 16-bit timer configurations. They're available now for $3.85 and $5.25.

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