Chip set fuels voice-over-cable -

Chip set fuels voice-over-cable

TI's DSP-based TNETC47xx (Puma-4) chip set is aimed at the voice-over-cable (VoCable) market. The chip set can process cellular codecs, setting the stage for fixed mobile convergence with phones that operate on cellular or VoIP connections, depending on the user's choice and proximity to either network. In addition, its low bit-rate codecs for conferencing channels use half the bandwidth currently consumed for multi-user calls, saving bandwidth for other applications while maintaining high data rates. The TNETC4700 also has advanced fax capabilities, furthering VoIP’s potential as a replacement for traditional telephone lines.

In addition to the chip set, a Wideband DOCSIS reference design lets equipment makers and service providers quickly evaluate system architectures. This will let MSOs quickly offer advanced features and enhanced cable modems, once the standard is approved. The reference design includes all includes documentation, board schematics, production files and complete DOCSIS software. Wideband DOCSIS technology will incorporate multiple down and up steams in one modem. For more information on TI’s advance VoCable broadband solutions, visit

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