Chip sets deliver integrated VoIP solution over ADSL -

Chip sets deliver integrated VoIP solution over ADSL


Converging voice and data over DSL, the Palladia 400 series delivers up to 50 Mbits/s downstream data and 5.5 Mbits/s upstream data. This lets operators deploy premium services such as Voice-over-IP (VoIP), virtual private networks, video-on-demand, and streaming media, with lower overall costs and faster time-to-market. The 400-2P includes two voice channels and is created for home gateway applications, while the 400-4P with four channels of voice is optimized for high-end enterprises. Centillium's field-tested architecture combines an ADSL2/2+/2++ modem, a 200-MHz network processor, a 200-MHz dedicated voice DSP, two RMII, and a USB port plus a PCI interface which supports all of the latest wireless technologies.

The Palladia 400's network processor seamlessly executes various routing and security protocol stacks while the DSP controls voice compression, VAD, CNG, DTMF generation and extra voice processing activities. This innovative architecture is maximized for a variety of ADSL2/2+/2++ CPE and CO applications, including integrated access devices, set-top boxes and media gateways for the delivery of value-added content services. Production quantities are now available. Additional information is available at

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