ChipWrights releases SDK with VMware support -

ChipWrights releases SDK with VMware support

Developers now have the flexibility to develop code for ChipWrights' CWvX CW5631 SoC processor using any host operating system (OS) supported by VMware. This includes the Windows OSs and various versions of Linux.

The use of virtual machines (VMs) to support different guest OSs is becoming popular in embedded systems development. Developers can run different OSs on the same computer, or older versions of an OS to support older software. With VMware support, developers have ultimate flexibility to port their development using ChipWrights' software development kit (SDK) in various environments so they aren't tied to a particular operating system.

The ChipWrights SDK runs on a VMware Virtual Machine as a Linux guest system inside VmWare's Virtual Machine Player. The Olimex JTAG pod is supported by the development tools without the need to install any additional device drivers on the host system. The virtual machine runs the Eclipse Edition of the ChipWrights SDK, which includes customized plug-ins to support the optimizing compiler, simulator, and debugger for the CW5631's DSP, as well as industry standard development tools for the ARM core that the CW5631 also contains.

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