Cincoze: sunlight readable Panel PC and touch monitor for outdoor applications -

Cincoze: sunlight readable Panel PC and touch monitor for outdoor applications


Cincoze to announce sunlight readable panel PC and touch monitor “CS-100 Series”. The product series incorporates an ultra high brightness backlight module up to 1,600 nits which provides superior readability under a high-ambient light condition and even direct sunlight. CS-100 Series also supports wide range operating temperature (max. range: -20°C ~ 70°C) to ensure stability and reliability of the system in outdoor environments.

Built with solid aluminum die-casting front bezel, true flat IP65 front panel protection and 7H anti-scratch projected capacitive touchscreen make it ideal for installation in harsh environments. Without compromising rugged functionality, CS-100 Series still keep slim-type design and provide the same look and feel within Cincoze display computing solution.

CS-100 Serie also supports optical bonding for an alternative. By eliminating the air gap, optical bonding can reduce reflection and increase sunlight readability. In addition, it has higher resistance to shock & vibration, prevents fog formation during rapid temperature change, and also benefits better touch performance and heat dissipation.

Furthermore, CS-100 Series is fully supporting Convertible Display System (CDS) technology which is based on modular design concept. It can offer users the possibilities of upgrading computing module and changing display module. Comparing with regular standalone panel PCs, it is more cost-effective and reduces on-site maintenance time.

CS-100 Series offers five panel sizes that range from 10.4 to 19 inches and the industrial panel PCs are available with two different CPU versions, including Intel Core i and Atom to fulfill different performance requirements.

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