CIP safety software kit supports both DeviceNet and EtherNet/IP -

CIP safety software kit supports both DeviceNet and EtherNet/IP

(Note: This article originally appeared on EE Times Europe. )

Molex announced its Common Industrial Protocol (CIP) Safety Software Kit (Stacks), allowing manufacturers of intelligent industrial products to implement the safety application layer required to comply with the ODVA CIP safety specification.

The CIP safety protocol offers a set of integrated services to ensure the transportation of high-integrity data in compliance with international safety standards from the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

Because it builds upon the underlying communications stacks of standard CIP networks, and uses existing CIP network infrastructure, CIP safety allows end-users to implement safety systems in a cost-effective manner.

“As the industry shifts from hard-wired safety systems to a networked approach, CIP safety is quickly becoming one of the preferred implementations,” said Michael Frayne, product manager, Molex Incorporated. “The Molex CIP Safety Stack allows manufacturers to embed CIP safety stack technology quickly and economically into their products.”

A recent update of the Molex CIP Safety Stack extends support to EtherNet/IP Adapter in addition to previously supported DeviceNet Slave applications, making it the only product to support both protocols. The Molex CIP Stack is offered as a tool kit with the pre-tested, modular ANSI “C” code provided on CD making it easy to compile using standard compilers.

It is approved by T”V for SIL3 applications and has been conformance tested using the ODVA Conformance Test ensuring market acceptance. It is also recognised under the Rockwell Automation value-added design partner programme.

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