Classification Tree Editor speeds test specs generation -

Classification Tree Editor speeds test specs generation

MUNICH, Germany — With its CTE XL Classification Tree Editor, Berner & Mattner Systemtechnik GmbH (Munich) extends its spectrum of automotive measurement and simulation products.

According to the vendor, CTE XL supports designers and test engineers in offering specifying and implementing test cases. Features include an intuitive classification tree method, automatic test case generation and open interfaces that allow users to interact with numerous software tools such as MESSINA-SiL, MESSINA-HiL, Matlab/Simulink, DOORS and others. Under the bottom line, CTE XL helps to reduce the time needed to implement test specifications while improving the quality, Berner & Mattner claims.

Against the background of increasing variant diversity and complexity of functions in automotive electronics, the implementation of high-quality test specs is becoming a daunting task, Berner & Mattner argues. Tight budgets frequently urge engineers for compromises with regard to test coverage. CTE XL's simple and intuitive user facilitates and speeds the system extensiveness analysis and the selection of testing focus, the vendor promises.

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