Cleaning workshop is a SMART move -

Cleaning workshop is a SMART move


LONDON — SMART Group Scotland is to hold a one day hands-on workshop covering cleaning topics relating to current board assembly which will discuss the issues and allow attendees to see the results a selection of assemblies are processed through both water-based and solvent cleaning equipment.

Cleaning electronic assemblies in the 21st Century: A hands-on workshop for users will take place on February 27, in Livingston Scotland.

The workshop will aim to answer a myriad of questions: Facing a need to clean assemblies following the move to lead-free? Asked to improve cosmetic appearance or to apply a conformal coating? Concerned about contamination-related failures? Messy jigs or misprints to clean up? Confused about the costs of different technologies? Don't know whether to go for a batch or in-line solution? Worried about the impact of cleaning on the environment? Want practical solutions and not just theory? Uncertain how to be sure that your cleaning has been effective?

Speakers will include Bob Willis (SMART Group), Tom Forsyth (Kyzen Corporation), and Graham Fraser (Fraser Cleaning Technologies). Workshop equipment includes: Aqueous ultrasonic batch-cleaning (4-stage: wash; rinse; DI rinse; hot air dry); Aqueous batch spray-wash (spray wash; DI rinse; hot air dry); Non-flammable solvent batch-cleaning (immersion wash + rinse; vapourrinse; dry); and Ultrasonic stencil and misprint cleaning system.

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