ClearCube aims SmartVMpod at SCADA market -

ClearCube aims SmartVMpod at SCADA market


SmartVMpod from ClearCube Technology is a high availability compute and storage virtual machine platform for mission critical manufacturing, industrial, and production environment deployments that are geo-distributed across many locations.

SmartVMpod features up to four compute nodes with Dual Hex-core Xeon processors with added performance from Solid State Drives (SSDs) and up to 384GB aggregated RAM. SmartVMpod’s high availability profile is achieved with both hardware and software. The core compute nodes run VMware’s virtualized server software that migrates virtual machines from a failed node to an operating node instantly and moves data stores from a failed drive to operational drives instantly. All nodes have cross-channel interconnects so that redundant Ethernet switches always have separate communications paths to access in the event that a network interface card or switch port fails.

Complementing the compute nodes is an external storage unit with dual-headed redundant motherboards and controllers that supports 16 SAS or SATA drives in a RAID-Z2 configuration that allows fully redundant drive pools. Single points of failure have been eliminated, allowing continuous operation in the event of failures, and reducing the panic of having to dispatch a technician immediately on-site to replace a failed PC running a critical SCADA application that could adversely affect plant operation.

SCADA architects have been slow to adopt virtualization, but ClearCube claims that their SmartVMpod’s acceptance by significant manufacturing customers is accelerating virtual machine adoption.

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