Clock IC reduces board space -

Clock IC reduces board space


Outfitted with a MEMS resonator and two low-power PLLs, Microchip’s DSC613 clock generator can replace up to three crystals and oscillators to save as much as 80% of board space. The IC is housed in a small 6-pin DFN package, making it well-suited for compact devices that require low-power operation, such as digital cameras, smart speakers, virtual reality headsets, streaming sticks, and set-top boxes.

The fractional PLLs with AnyRate clock synthesizers enable the DSC613 to generate up to three LVCMOS clock outputs ranging from 2 kHz to 100 MHz, useful for microcontroller-based embedded systems. Consuming approximately 5 mA with three outputs running, the clock chip achieves up to a 45% power savings compared to a solution that uses low-power quartz oscillators.

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