Clock jitter-analysis software packs femto-second resolution -

Clock jitter-analysis software packs femto-second resolution

Palo Alto, Calif.—Providing a low jitter noise-floor, and fast periodic jitter separation, Agilent Technologies Inc . announces the release of precision clock-jitter-analysis software. It's for data-independent clock-jitter evaluation in digital communication systems, and for high-speed clock device design by semiconductor makers.

Named E5001A SSA-J , Agilent's software is used in combination with the company's existing SSA (Signal Source Analyzer). The software now ensures measurement with femto-second resolution on both random (Rj ) and periodic (Pj ) jitter.

Femto-Second Resolution

The SSA-J's femto-second resolution enables precision evaluation of clock jitter more than 100 times better than other instruments, such as oscilloscopes—even in microwave bands up to 26.5-GHz. Realtime jitter spectrum analysis from 1-Hz to 40-MHz also lets you do more accurate evaluation on Rj and Pj within user-definable observation bandwidth in seconds.

The software's precise Pj extraction, and Rj /Pj separation provide insights into clock jitter characteristics with information in both the time domain and the frequency domain.

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In use, Agilent's SSA tests all types of signal-sources, including crystal oscillators, VCO s (voltage-controlled oscillators), SAW (surface acoustic wave) oscillators, dielectric resonator oscillators, YIG-tuned (yttrium-iron-garnet) laser oscillators, frequency synthesizers, and LO s (local oscillators).

The SSA measures phase-noise, power, frequency, and DC current draw, as well as frequency, power, and phase transients. It also provides a spectrum monitor function. Finally, it includes two built-in ultra-low-noise DC sources for DUT s (devices under test).

Price and Availability

The E5001A SSA-J jitter-analysis software is available now, starting at about $7000.

Click here for additional information about the SSA-J and SSA.

For more information, contact Agilent Technologies Inc., 395 Page Mill Rd., Palo Alto, Calif. 94303. Phone: 800-829-4444. Fax: (650) 752-5300.

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