Cloud-based M2M platform connects multiple business processes -

Cloud-based M2M platform connects multiple business processes


The Viewbiquity Cloud Interface (VCI) is a unique M2M platform that seamlessly connects multiple business processes, including property management, energy, voice, data and video communications, inventory management, IT infrastructure and tracking.

A hybrid solution that combines the power, flexibility and efficiency of cloud-based technology with low-cost edge devices, VCI is a secure, cost-effective solution that incorporates command and control capabilities, two-way VoIP communications, video surveillance, sensor monitoring, geofencing, as well as supporting both automated and manual responses.

VCI is delivered as a monthly service that requires no activation costs, and can be implemented through low-cost edge devices like laptops and netbooks. VCI supports both JavaScript and HTTP APIs, giving legions of developers a low-barrier, solid and sustainable platform on which to write new applications. The system's unique design requires no major hardware investment, and is available as a competitively-priced monthly service.

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