Club eases EMC testing -

Club eases EMC testing

LONDON — The EMC Test Club in Hertfordshire is opening its doors to with the aim of making electro-magnetic compliance testing accessible, understandable and affordable. To help new members familiarise themselves with the test procedures, the club is offering untimed, unlimited use of the club resources to members for training and testing throughout Summer 2005.

The EMC Test Club has been set up by Morgan-Smith Electronics of Hatfield, a small electronics company founded in 1972 by Peter Morgan-Smith.

The club offers the opportunity to test product for its conducted and radiated interference emissions in a calibrated environment, and for radiated immunity in a calibrated RF field of up to 10 Volts per metre. The equipment is already set up for standard tests in the screened test rooms, one of which is lined on all surfaces with RF absorber to make it fully anechoic. Training and work instruction procedures for standard tests are provided, so testing is straightforward.

As well as the membership route, people can also use the facilities of the Club as a non-member, on a 'pay-as-you-go' tariff. This is ideal for users who have a 'one-off' requirement only, or would like to try the test rooms out before joining the Club.

Morgan-Smith said,”Whichever route customers choose, they can be assured that when they use the Test Club facilities they will receive a thorough training in the use of the equipment, including health and safety issues.” For new Club members, this will typically mean an extra training day in the test rooms using the equipment (unlimited training and access during Summer 2005), with free training thereafter as equipment is upgraded, and for 'pay-as-you-go' customers their first use of the test facilities will also be guided.

For users not sure which standards apply, the test software will guide them through the set-up, ensuring the correct configuration, and there is also useful information and links on the Club's website.

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