CML executive takes helm at Mobitex Association -

CML executive takes helm at Mobitex Association


London, UK — Kevin Swann, sales and marketing director of Maldon-based semiconductor manufacturer, CML Microcircuits, has been elected as chairman of the board for the Mobitex Association. This worldwide forum is for the Mobitex network operators, software developers, hardware manufacturers and customers.

Mobitex is a wireless data technology used for mission-critical business applications. It has over 1.2 million professional business users and operates on an open international standard, using narrowband radio technology. This combines the benefits of mobile technology with high data security, longer battery life, extended network coverage and faster data rates.

There are currently more than 30 Mobitex networks in operation on five continents. Some of the networks are public, meaning that anyone may purchase network service from the local operator, while others are owned and operated by companies and services for their own use.

CML's CMX909B communications GMSK modem chip is a cornerstone of the technology and the company is soon to announce the latest generation Mobitex modem chip with further integration and functionality.

Vice-Chairman of the Mobitex Association is Folke Berggvist, strategy director of Mobitex Ericsson Sweden, and the other board member is Charles Nelson, president of Cingular Interactive in the US.

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