CMOS amps exhibit bipolar-like noise -

CMOS amps exhibit bipolar-like noise

A series CMOS amplifiers offers voltage noise that's similar to bipolar amplifiers. Generally known for their low input bias current, CMOS amps are inherently noisier than bipolar designs. The LTC6241 dual and LTC6242 quad amplifiers, from Linear Technology Corp., address this fundamental performance trade off. With noise rated at 550 nVp-p in the 0.1 to 10 Hz region, these amplifiers offer a threefold reduction in voltage noise over existing CMOS amplifiers.

The amps provide excellent dc precision as well. They feature a 1-pA bias current and less than 125 ΜV input offset voltage. The 18-MHz gain bandwidth and 10 V/Μs slew rate at a supply current of 2.2 mA max per amplifier suit them for various signal-processing applications. Furthermore, the 3-pF input capacitance makes them suitable for high source impedance applications.

Operating from supply voltages ranging from 2.8 to 12 V, the LTC6241 dual is offered in an 8-pin SOIC and 3- by 3-mm DFN package. The LTC6242 quad is available in a 16-pin SSOP package and 5- by 3-mm DFN. Specified to operate over the commercial and industrial temperature ranges, 1000-piece pricing starts at $1.25 each for the LTC6241 dual and $2.25 each for the LTC6242 quad. More information is available at

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