CMOS image sensors operate at 3.1 and 5 Mpixels -

CMOS image sensors operate at 3.1 and 5 Mpixels


Eastman Kodak Company is now a player to be reckoned with in the imaging sensors market. The company's latest 3- and 5-Mpixel CMOS sensors are aimed at the camera phone and digital still camera markets. The CMOS technology allows the sensors to maximize integration while minimizing power consumption. The KAC-3100 and KAC-5000 sensors incorporate Kodak's Pixelux technology, a proprietary architecture that improves image quality over previous products. The 3100 is a 3.1-Mpixel product while the 5000 is a 5-Mpixel device. Pixelux allows the use of low dark current pinned photodiodes, four-transistor (4T) and shared pixel architectures, which permits the manufacture of CIS pixels that approach the size of the smallest CCD pixels available today. It also results in improved photosensitivity and lower noise relative to standard CMOS image sensors. Both sensors are now sampling. For more information, visit

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