CMOS WEDGE transceiver fits in a single CMOS die -

CMOS WEDGE transceiver fits in a single CMOS die

Quorum Systems introduced the Sereno QS3000, a high-performance, low-power, multi-band, multi-mode RF transceiver. Adopting the company's Sereno platform architecture, the QS3000 WEDGE transceiver fits GSM/GPRS/EDGE, and 3G HSDPA applications all in one CMOS single IC.

The QS3000 supports a total of seven frequency bands simultaneously, four GSM/GPRS/EDGE frequencies and three WCDMA bands. For 3G operation, it supports coverage for all six bands specified by 3GPP plus WCDMA in the 800 and 1700-MHz bands. The part offers global support for dual-mode 3G/GSM handsets. Using a multi-mode convergence technology, the QS3000 supports both compressed and uncompressed modes, simplifying network infrastructure.

Built with a digital transmitter architecture, the QS3000 requires no additional RF filters for GSM or WCDMA modulation. Housed in a 7- by 7-mm BGA, the IC also features on-chip low noise amplifiers to further reduce component count and system footprint. Samples will be available later in the first quarter, with volume production scheduled for the second half of 2006. For more information, visit

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