CMX Systems, Infinetix tout integrated solution for TI's DSP Starter Kit Platform -

CMX Systems, Infinetix tout integrated solution for TI’s DSP Starter Kit Platform

Jacksonville, FL — CMX Systems, based here, has ported its CMX-Micronet TCP/IP stack to Infinetix's Ethernet daughter card for use with Texas Instruments TMS320VC5416 DSK (DSP Starter Kit) platform.

The company's say their integrated solution offers embedded Internetworking DSP designers significant development efficiencies.

CMX-MicroNet is a very small footprint TCP/IP software stack that has been developed to provide Internetworking connectivity tools to designers working with 8-bit processors. The Infinetix (Spokane, Wash.) Ethernet daughter card is a compact Ethernet adapter using the CS8900 Ethernet controller. The board conforms to the Texas Instruments TMS320 Daughtercard Specification and can be used with a variety of DSP development boards.

This new collaboration between CMX and Infinetix provides a nearly “off-the-shelf” solution for adding low cost TCP/IP connectivity to a DSP design. TCP/IP has become a mainstream connectivity solution for instrumentation and control, so as DSP based products become more widely used, it is critical to have a low cost, reliable TCP/IP stack for embedded DSP products.

CMX-MicroNet is a scaled down TCP/IP software stack with a total ROM footprint of 3Kb – 20Kb, depending upon configuration, for 8-bit processors or those 16-bit processors that require a single-chip solution with no external memory or DSP's. CMX-MicroNet is currently available, starting at $5,500 for the base system. All CMX software includes complete source code, no royalties on shipped products, and free technical support/updates.

The Ethernet Daughter Card is a 10-BaseT Ethernet controller and associated interface circuitry placed on a board conforming to the Texas Instruments TMS320 Daughtercard Specification. It contains the Cirrus Logic CS8900 Ethernet Controller, Ethernet connector, and other features that make it a valuable development and evaluation board for starting an Ethernet connected DSP project. The Ethernet Daughter Card is currently available for $195.

A demo version of CMX-Micronet developed for the Texas Instruments TMS320VC5416 DSK is available upon request. While this evaluation board is limited to 10 Mbit speeds, the migration to a 100 Mbit design can be readily achieved. Infinetix provides consulting services as required to port the CMX-Micronet product for use with other DSP or microcontroller based applications.

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