Code generator includes blockset redesign and model referencing -

Code generator includes blockset redesign and model referencing

Munich, Germany – The TargetLink 3.0 blockset is a symbiosis between the features of TargetLink blocks and the modeling blocks in the MATLAB/Simulink/Stateflow development environment from The MathWorks. So users have the best of both worlds: On the one hand, they benefit from TargetLink's powerful and much appreciated features such as easy-to-use block dialogs, clicking to switch between simulation modes (model-in-the-loop, software-in-the-loop, processor-in the loop), integrated signal logging and plotting, and overflow warnings. And on the other hand, they can also use numerous Simulink third-party tools in conjunction with their TargetLink models.

TargetLink Version 3.0 blockset redesigned for seamless integration with third-party tools

The new TargetLink 3.0 blockset makes it easier to perform rapid control prototyping for TargetLink models with dSPACE software such as Real-Time Interface (RTI) and ControlDesk, so the development process is more integrated. Moreover, the company has boosted the performance provided for model initialization and MIL simulation, while even reducing the memory consumption of the model.

Model referencing is another new feature in Version 3.0. This facilitates distributed development by large teams. Functionalities can be flexibly partitioned into several model files, versioned separately, and developed on a modular or component basis. Parts of models can be simulated separately and implemented individually by means of incremental code generation. This makes the handling of models, especially very large ones, easier and more efficient. A special feature lets users dissolve references to models temporarily and then restore them afterwards ” for optimum convenience in developing sub-functionalities.

With MATLAB R2006a+, R2006b, R2007a+, R2007b and R2008a, five different MATLAB releases are supported by TargetLink 3.0. Users therefore have maximum freedom of choice regarding MATLAB, and they can also upgrade to TargetLink 3.0 without having to change their MATLAB version.

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