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Code Reviews and Walkthroughs


Software Engineering is a complex craft, with many aspects. Each aspect of the  Software Engineering Process addresses a different goal or objective, and each has room for improvement over time. The ultimate goal of these processes is to improve productivity, efficiency and, at the same time, lower development costs. Every improvement in these processes helps bring the ultimate goal closer to reality. Code Reviews and Walkthroughs are only one aspect of many that will help achieve this goal, and yet these are two of the most often overlooked methodologies. Internal Technical Reviews, another name for code reviews and walkthroughs, are just one part of an overall engineering process improvement effort that can be put into place in almost any software development group.
If done properly, code reviews and walkthroughs can significantly decrease maintenance costs over the life cycle of a product. In addition, defects can be identified much earlier in the development process, leading to less bugs in a distributed product and a generally more satisfied customer base. While there may be some initial reservations about the use of these procedures, time and time again there has been documented cases of the benefits of such a program. Successful implementation of these methodologies can be done, given proper support and backing from management, and a no-nonsense approach to actually performing the reviews.

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