Code testing process more accessible for developers -

Code testing process more accessible for developers


Isolator 2010 a unit testing tool that helps abstract dependencies from the tested code is available from Typemock (Tel-Aviv, Israel).

It integrates into Visual Studio and TFS, and can change the behaviour of any object methods, static methods, sealed classes or private methods.

It supports Visual Studio 2010, .Net 4.0 and SharePoint 2010, while continuing to support earlier versions of .NET and Visual Studio. Isolator 2010 provides a simplified unit testing framework which reduces time to market and lowers development costs.
Isolator 2010 can replicate the behaviour of every Microsoft product including SharePoint, BizTalk, web services, and ASP.Net which enables developers to unit test without needing to change their code. The server edition allows running the unit tests in TFS or any build system.

Isolator 2010 comes with an intelligent completion tool called Intellitest, which generates test setup code automatically, and discoverable API’s that isolates code without setting up complex configuration. It allows users to set behaviour for entire hierarchies in a single command and to unit test the most complex scenarios.

Isolator 2010 enables the user to write clear and concise tests that lead to successful team implementation and provides clear guidance and error messages to help with writing unit tests.
Typemock says its customers include developers from a range of sectors such as defence, medicine, and finance.

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