Codec combination makes movies on PDA a reality -

Codec combination makes movies on PDA a reality


ERLANGEN, Germany — The Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits (IIS) has demonstrated a combination of MPEG-4 Advanced Video Coding (AVC/H.264) and MPEG-4 High Efficiency Advanced Audio Coding (HE-AAC) for high quality, real-time movie playback on ARM-based Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs).

MPEG-4 AVC and MPEG-4 HE-AAC are the most advanced video and audio codecs within the MPEG-4 multimedia standard.

At the ARM Developers Conference, Fraunhofer IIS introduced a combination of the two codecs to mobile devices, guaranteeing improved audio and video quality at low data rates. This is realized by optimized implementations for embedded processors.

With the MPEG-4 AVC Baseline Profile, optimized for Wireless MMX on Intel XScale PXA27x processors, a video resolution of up to QVGA (320×240 pixels) at 25frames/s can be achieved. Together with MPEG-4 HE-AAC, which enables good audio quality for stereo content at bit rates of 48kbit/s and below, high-quality movie playback on PDAs or other mobile devices has become a reality.

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