Codelab ships for use with ARM processors -

Codelab ships for use with ARM processors


The Codelab Embedded Developer Suite for the ARM family of processors from Accelerated Technology (AT) includes support for a number of ARM core providers including ARM, Atmel, Cirrus Logic, Intel, NetSilicon and Samsung.

AT has supported the ARM family of processors with its Nucleus real-time software for more than 10 years. This Codelab release expands AT's real-time operating system (RTOS) portfolio to developers building high performance, low power applications.

AT's Codelab Developer Suite is a set of software and hardware components that works out-of-the-box in a configuration that is customized to meet the exact combination of requirements for individual product designers.

Codelab gives developers a flexible and seamless software and hardware tool suite in which to build their embedded application from start to finish. It provides both software and hardware components in one ready-to-use kit.

Support for Codelab for the ARM family includes Codelab EDE, an embedded development environment, and Codelab Debug, a multitasking debugger, which supports a large variety of targets and connection devices. In fact, this version of Codelab is said to support more connections across ARM platforms than other debuggers in the embedded industry.

Examples of Codelab connections include the ARM Multi-ICE emulator, BDI2000, monitors, Partner-J, RDI, Wiggler and Raven (Macraigor) devices and more — all on ARM platforms. The selection of tool sets available for this Codelab release includes the ARM Developer Suite software, and MetaWare tools.

Published in Embedded Systems (Europe) June 2002

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