Codescape tools enable comprehensive MIPS software dev -

Codescape tools enable comprehensive MIPS software dev


Imagination Technologies has developed new tools designed to provide everything needed for MIPS software development across the entire product lifecycle, from SoC design and integration through SoC bringup to end product. The new Codescape MIPS SDK Essentials (MIPS SDK) and Codescape MIPS SDK Professional (MIPS proSDK) offer capabilities for developers targeting any MIPS-based platforms, from entry-level MIPS development boards through to high-end multicore SoC-powered systems.The new Codescape tools build on the open source GNU compiler and debugger (GCC and GDB) for MIPS, which are fully maintained by Imagination.

The Codescape MIPS SDK Essentials (MIPS SDK) includes all of the tools and resources needed to get started with MIPS software development, including bootloaders, linkers, example code, and more. The toolkit is available as a free download from Imagination’s website for any developer getting started with MIPS-based software development.

The Codescape MIPS SDK Professional (MIPS proSDK) is a premium, feature-rich toolkit that provides professional software developers all the tools needed for advanced MIPS software development. It can be used for anything from low level bringup and evaluation of MIPS-based SoCs, through to complex application software development for a wide range of OS environments from Linux down to bare metal systems. The MIPS proSDK includes the latest Codescape features, including the popular Codescape Debugger and Codescape Console, as well as full library source, and IASim latest processor core models and platforms, based on a high-speed CPU simulator from Imagination partner Imperas.

Both the MIPS SDK and MIPS proSDK work with a wide range of probes available from both Imagination and third parties. As part of its commitment to choice and a vibrant ecosystem, Imagination continues to fully support other MIPS ecosystem tool partners including Mentor Graphics and Greenhills Software.

Developers can join the growing MIPS Insider Community to participate in forums and discussion at , part of Imagination’s community of developers. There is also a growing community of developers in the new prpl Foundation open source community .

The Codescape MIPS SDK and Codescape MIPS proSDK are available now from the Imagination website. The MIPS SDK is available as a free download.

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