CodeWarrior cuts cost of tools -

CodeWarrior cuts cost of tools


Motorola Semiconductor Products Sector is providing complimentary licenses of Metrowerks CodeWarrior tools for the HC08 Flash 8-bit MCU family, saving over US$2,000.

CodeWarrior Development Studio for HC08, Special Edition, integrates the best from Motorola, Metrowerks and other third-party developers. This tool set features full-chip simulation and Flash programming with P&E Microcomputer Systems technology, automatic initialization and driver code generation with Unis Processor Expert technology, an assembler, linker, and a code size limited C compiler and C source level debugger.

The CodeWarrior Integrated Development Environment (IDE) provides an intuitive graphical user interface that is common to all Motorola MCUs to ease migration. Design engineers can create, compile, link, assemble and debug – all from a single IDE. Initial set-up and multiple process steps can be managed with a single point-and-click.

With full-chip simulation, design engineers can start software development immediately without waiting for target hardware or requiring an evaluation board or emulator. The included simulator and debugger gives engineers the resources they need to develop applications while the Flash programming software enables programming of prototype code.

The Rapid Application Design Tool includes several features to speed application design. It provides optimised and tested automatic C code generation for HC08 peripherals to dramatically reduce development time and improve code quality. It eliminates time spent on low level details, thereby allowing engineers to devote more time adding value to the system solution. By automatically taking care of any minor differences in derivatives, it eases reusability and system configuration when moving to new projects or to a different HC08 derivative.

The CodeWarrior ANSI C compliant compiler was designed to take advantage of the HC08 architecture, with more than 60 advanced optimisation strategies designed to boost performance and reduce code size.

Published in Embedded Systems (Europe) June 2002

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