CoFluent flavors ESL design toolset to match markets -

CoFluent flavors ESL design toolset to match markets

PARIS, France — CoFluent Studio is being “packaged” in a number of versions to help customers view their system as an application (platform-independent model) running on an execution platform rather than the simpler and usual hardware/software dichotomy.

CoFluent says this trend is being adopted by major OEMs to release more complex products in shorter timeframes.

This application/platform vision should raise maintainability and adaptability of systems as well as improving flexibility and efficiency in developments as application and platform are clearly identified and separated.

CoFluent Studio allows development teams to consider and design applications and platforms independently from each other, and try-out multiple system architectures resulting from the mapping or allocation of application elements to platform components.

The development tools ecosystem has organized itself around the hardware and software worlds, resulting in two large industries: electronic design automation (EDA) and embedded software.

CoFluent Studio can be used in both sectors and bridges the gap between different categories including system engineering tools aimed at high-level system specifications; Model-Driven Architecture (MDA) or Design (MDD) tools targeting software-only applications; as well as electronic system level (ESL) design tools targeting system-on-chip-only platforms

The first application specific CoFluent Studio is for Timed-Behavioral Modeling, enhances MDA/MDD approaches with support of time properties for modeling and simulating real-time applications in a hardware/software-agnostic way.

The second package, CoFluent Studio for System Architecting, goes beyond platform-level ESL design tools by simulating at a higher abstraction level the application model (created with the first package) on different models of hardware platforms.

From simple graphics and C/C++ code entry, a virtual system platform description is obtained in a SystemC representation for further validation and implementation with ESL/EDA tools. Before entering software prototyping and detailed platform design, the CoFluent Studio packages enable system designers to define the right architecture for the right functionality very early on the project.

The CoFluent Studio product line is for use with real-time systems with rich application content, whether multi-board (large equipments), on-board (embedded systems) or on-chip (SoCs, FPGAs, ASICs, ASSPs). Application domains include multimedia applications for telecommunications and networks, as well as military systems.

CoFluent Studio for Timed-Behavioral Modeling is targeted at system and specification engineers as well as software developers while CoFluent Studio for System Architecting is targeted at system architects. The Real-Time Software extension is targeted at software developers for automating real-time embedded software coding for real-time operating systems.

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