CoinTerra announces the GSX I PCIe Bitcoin Mining Card -

CoinTerra announces the GSX I PCIe Bitcoin Mining Card

CoinTerra’s GSX I is a high-performance, affordable PCI Express mining card that sets a new standard in performance and price for Bitcoin mining enthusiasts, hobbyists and system builders.

At the heart of the GSX I is CoinTerra's proven GoldStrike I ASIC processor mated to CoolIT's DCLC direct contact liquid cooling unit with a 120mm exhaust fan. The GSX I package is designed to fit a wide assortment of PC mid-tower and full-tower cases, enabling the seamless integration of a dedicated high-performance Bitcoin mining processor into a standard PC form factor.

The GSX I is controlled by the same software as the TerraMiner, running on the host PC and connected via the card's USB ports. This architecture allows for maximum flexibility, including the possibility of building expandable mining solutions with non-PC controllers.

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