Collaboration aims to speed up LTE/LTE-Advanced design -

Collaboration aims to speed up LTE/LTE-Advanced design

A strategic collaboration between Synopsys Inc. and Rohde & Schwarz has been set up to speed up the design and verification of chipsets, handsets and base stations based on the LTE and LTE-Advanced standards.

Synopsys (Mountain View, Calif.) is contributing algorithm design and verification solutions, including standard-compliant reference libraries while Rohde & Schwarz (Munich, Germany) is bringing signal generation expertise and test and measurement solutions that are used  in research and development, verification, production and service.

Synopsys’ LTE Library for its System Studio and SPW algorithm design products includes models of the transmitter and the physical channel as defined in the standard, as well as functional models of ideal receivers that can serve as references.

The library provides an end-to-end simulation chain for both uplink and downlink transmission and reception.

Through the collaboration, Synopsys’ LTE library, including the upcoming LTE-Advanced enhancements, will be verified against Rohde & Schwarz’s test and measurement solutions, increasing design confidence for algorithm designers needing to achieve standards compliance.

Starting with signal generators, Rohde & Schwarz test equipment will be able to automatically derive its configuration from the Synopsys simulation setup. Since typical configurations consist of more than 100 parameters, this integration will reduce the time it takes to achieve a correct setup. It also reduces the risk of configuration inconsistencies.

“With this strategic collaboration, we are able to provide a complete solution that seamlessly bridges the gap between system design and hardware prototype verification,” said Wolfgang Kernchen, director of test & measurement subdivision for signal generators, power meters, audio analyzers at Rohde & Schwarz.

The validated Synopsys LTE library will become available with the 2011.06 release. This will also include the initial version of LTE-Advanced. Access is free to all Synopsys LTE library customers under maintenance. The LTE library works for both SPW and System Studio.
The automatic configuration of Rohde & Schwarz signal generators from Synopsys’ algorithm simulation tools, SPW and System Studio, will become available to select customers in June 2011, with general availability expected in October 2011.

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