Collaboration results in mini liquid lens imaging system -

Collaboration results in mini liquid lens imaging system


Rogers and Varioptic announced production availability of parts needed for miniature high resolution auto-focus cameras for handsets. The collaboration gives OEMs and module makers a liquid lens optical system, consisting of Varioptic's auto-focus Liquid Lens and Rogers' integrated Durel LL3 driver.

The Varioptic liquid lens system eliminates moving parts. It lets the user obtain accurate focus from a short distance. Based on electrowetting technology, the liquid lens uses two isodensity liquids; one is an insulator while the other is a conductor. The variation of voltage leads to a change of curvature of the liquid-liquid interface, which in turn leads to a change of the focal length of the lens. In comparison to conventional auto-focus actuators, an optical system using the Varioptic liquid lens features smaller size, lower costs and reduced power consumption.

The Durel LL3 driver provides the liquid lens with the needed voltage. This output device can drive the liquid lens up to 60 Vrms into a capacitive load of 500 pF maximum.

The optical system features low operation power (typically 40 mW focusing at 5 cm and 20 mW at infinity). It has a 1-μA standby current. There are two LL3 driver reference designs: I2 C two-wire serial interface and PWM one-wire interface. The Durel LL3, 4- by 4-mm leadless driver is available in a 16-pin, quad flat package in embossed tape on 360mm diameter reel.

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