Collaboration results in ready-to-deploy WiMAX offering -

Collaboration results in ready-to-deploy WiMAX offering


GigaBeam and Adaptix will jointly comarket their complementary product offerings for broadband communications access. Adaptix' WiMax- and WiBro-compatible software-defined radio (SDR) technology enables feature rich services deployment for the demands of enterprises and residential broadband users. GigaBeam's WiFiber technology enables high speed wireless point-to-point communications for backhaul of those WiMax and WiBro products. GigaBeam's WiFiber operates in the licensed 71- to 76-GHz and 81- to 86-GHz radio spectrum bands. It provides the fiber-equivalent speed backhaul. For most WiMax and WiBro deployments, terrestrial fiber isn't readily available for backhaul.

The combined product suites will enable mobile, enterprise and residential customers to access broadband services using a total wireless solution at speeds over 1 Mbit/s and with flexibility of access previously unavailable.

The Adaptix technology is a pure IP-based wireless broadband solution, including a high-capacity base station utilizing fast switching OFDMA. This offers the multipath resistance of OFDM, the flexibility of TDMA, the adaptability of FDMA and spectral efficiency of TDD. In addition, the SDR is remotely upgradeable in the field.

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