COM Express modules offer scalability -

COM Express modules offer scalability

Boston—Kontron is getting ready to sample two ETXexpress COM Express modules based on the VIA C7 processor paired with the VIA CN896 and VIA VT8251 chipset—the Kontron ETXexpress-CN8 and the Kontron microETXexpress-CN8.

The Kontron ETXexpress-CN8 is 100 percent compliant with the COM Express standard (basic form factor—95mm x 125mm) as defined by the PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturer's Group. Versions of this module will be available with either the VIA C7 or Eden 7 processors (1.5GHz and higher) paired with the VIA CN800 and VIA VT8251 chipset. The Kontron ETXexpress-CN8 will support two PCI Express x1 lanes along with Gigabit Ethernet. Support for eight USB 2.0 ports provides fast and sufficient interfaces for external peripherals. Applications requiring the PCI and IDE interfaces are still supported by the Kontron ETXexpress-CN8 module that follows the COM Express Type 2 pin-out.

The Kontron microETXexpress-CN8 at 95-mm x 95-mm is well-suited for embedded applications that would like to reuse the enclosure from previous products, yet bring in more modern bus technologies, It is built around the VIA Eden 7 processor (up to 1.0GHz) and includes the VIA CN800 and VIA VT8251 chipset. The Kontron microETXexpress-CN8 offers support for up to 2GB of systems memory, 4x Serial ATA, two PCI Express x1 lanes, Gigabit Ethernet, dual video streaming capabilities and much more with an estimated power consumption of 15 Watts.

Both modules support Microsoft Vista.

Availability: Samples by the fourth quarter of 2007.
Datasheets: click here.

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