Comfort control comes to Volvo -

Comfort control comes to Volvo


Motorola and Volvo have developed an advanced chassis controller for the Volvo S60 R and V70 R models. Using Motorola's technology, the car's electronic controller communicates with the actuators and sensors within the vehicle chassis system, enabling the driver to define the ride, handling and comfort of the vehicle. Three buttons in the centre of the dashboard enable the driver to change chassis settings to Comfort, Sport, or Advanced Sport.

Volvo's Four-C System control unit has been developed and manufactured by Motorola and uses a 40MHz micro-controller to continuously sample road speed information, position information for each single wheel, and horizontal and lateral acceleration of the vehicle relative to the road.

Each damper is updated every 2ms and this system response time enables the dampers to be adjusted immediately to all road and driving conditions without any noticeable delay for the driver.

The Four-C was developed jointly by –hlins Racings, a developer of high-tech shock absorber systems, and Monroe, the shock absorber manufacturer. Sensors are provided by AB Elektronic and VTI.

Four-C means the car can literally 'foresee' what is going to happen to the car and compensate for it.

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