Comms board spec looks to expand in to physics -

Comms board spec looks to expand in to physics

LONDON — PICMG has formed a technical committee focused on large-scale physics applications.

The xTCA for physics coordinating subcommittee was initiated by an international group of physics labs that are using or actively exploring usage of both AdvancedTCA and MicroTCA platforms in experimental research machines and detectors in such diverse fields as high energy, photon, astro, fusion and medical physics.

The committee will tackle AdvancedMC channel usage models, rear transition modules definitions, timing synchronization and the generic design of AdvancedTCA and AdvancedMC modules needed to allow PICMG's xTCA family of products to be used in the broad physics community.

The main goal of the subcommittee is to develop a set of xTCA specifications, sub-specifications, design guides, requirements documents, and other documents while maintaining maximum compatibility with existing xTCA specifications. This subcommittee will serve as a coordinating committee for study of solutions, specific tasks, resources and timelines for a number of closely coupled working groups.

“PICMG is very excited about the formation of this subcommittee,” said Doug Sandy, PICMG vice president of Technology. “It proves PICMG's xTCA family of specifications, including AdvancedTCA, MicroTCA and AdvancedMC has application beyond their telecommunications focus. It also shows how open specifications can be enhanced within the PICMG organization to permit broader use of the technologies.”

“The physics scientific community was among the first to pioneer interoperable modular instrument standards beginning in the 1960's,” added Ray Larsen of the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, chair of the coordinating committee. “This special relationship of physics with PICMG aims to create xTCA features to serve the new generation of intelligent, highly available large-scale physics systems, along with strong industrial support.”

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