Comms course attracts students after revamp -

Comms course attracts students after revamp


LONDON — A grant of almost £500,000 from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council and input from staff has enabled Leeds University to redesign an MSc course in modern digital and radio frequency wireless communications.

The course has attracted 63 students representing 18 countries across the globe – from Kenya to Kuwait. Dr Des McLernon from the electronic and electrical engineering department believes the driving force behind one of the most multi-racial courses on campus is the rapid expansion of cellular and wireless services. “Within India’s one billion population, mobile usage is huge – one student told me that ‘even the rickshaw man has a mobile!’ They need engineers to provide the infrastructure and services.”

Consultation with companies including Motorola, Agilent Technologies and Filtronic has helped create an MSc which meets the needs of the UK’s communications and cellular mobile industries – particularly their shortage of skilled engineers. This year the course had almost 700 applications and is one of the largest engineering MScs in the country.

According to the University students said they chose the course because of its links with industry and research, and the school’s reputation for a high-quality student experience and academic excellence.

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