Compact RTOS for microcontrollers -

Compact RTOS for microcontrollers


CMX-Tiny+ from Computer Solutions is a real-time multi-tasking operating system which has been optimised to use the minimum amount of RAM space.

It is suitable for use with the latest generation of single-chip microprocessors or microcontrollers having only on-chip RAM plus flash memory (typically 4 to 32kbyte).

The system is based on a scaled-down version of the popular CMX-RTX product, retaining most of its power as well as the more frequently used functions. The code size is small enough for the processor's onboard ROM to support both the user's application code and the CMX-Tiny+ code.

CMX-Tiny+ also offers truly pre-emptive scheduling as well as co-operative scheduling, allowing interrupts to set task events and cause an immediate task switch if required.

The system is available for a range of processor families including MicroChip PIC18Cxxx, Motorola 68HC08, Hitachi H8/300, H8/300H and H8S, Atmel AVR family, Infineon 80C16x, Toshiba TLCS-900, NEC 78K0/K0S, TI MSP430 and STM ST7.

CMX-Tiny+ is distributed via a one-time license fee, and does not require payment of royalties on deployed products. The RTOS includes the complete source code.

Published in Embedded Systems (Europe) June 2002

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