Compact USB modules streamline integration -

Compact USB modules streamline integration

Glasgow, UK—Future Technology Devices International Limited, (FTDI) has released its Universal Serial Bus (USB) prototyping module VDIP2. Using its Vinculum VNC1L embedded USB host controller IC, it is well suited for the rapid development of VNC1L designs and can be incorporated into low volume finished products.

Supplied to fit a 40 pin DIP header, the VDIP2 provides access to all the UART, parallel FIFO and SPI interface pins. The device is equipped with two vertically mounted USB type A sockets.

The module requires a single +5VDC supply input and provides an auxiliary +3.3 VDC output for external logic. The board is equipped with two LEDs that indicate “power on” and “USB traffic.” Program and firmware updates can be performed by use of a USB flash disk or through one of the other device interfaces.

The VNC1L IC provides all USB host interfaces and data transfer functions. With its built in microcontroller and flash memory, VNC1L encapsulates the popular USB device classes. When using storage devices, such as USB flash drives, the Vinculum Disk and Peripheral Interface (VDAP) instruction set provides a method of handling file, directory ,and file allocation table (FAT) commands.

VDIP2 is available now priced $ 29.50.

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