Compliance program for AMBA -

Compliance program for AMBA

IP developers who have verified their IP against the standard AMBA compliance specification, through the use of an AMBA Compliance Testbench (ACT) can now use the 'AMBA Compliant' trademark as part of the AMBA Compliance Program.

The AMBA Compliance Program has been set up to ensure the interoperability of AMBA technology-based IP and encourage the development of AMBA Compliant third-party solutions. The IP user should be able to identify the IP that has been verified to the AMBA interface standard.

IP is verified against the standard AMBA specification through the use of ACT products that have been created to comply with the ACT specification which is available, under license from ARM.

ACT products automate the process of IP verification against the AMBA compliance specification and reduce testbench development time by providing a modular environment. The simplified format speeds simulation and parallel development of modules and system design.

ARM has developed its own AMBA Compliance Testbench product that is now available for licensing and supports the compliance certification of IP and the participation of the AMBA Compliance Program. It was developed with the support of Verisity and is designed to interface seamlessly into any verification environment.

Synopsys is the first licensee to deliver an AMBA Compliance Tool. Its DesignWare ACT can be plugged into existing verification environments to certify compliance of AMBA technology-based designs and IP to the AMBA specification. DesignWare ACT generates the compliance certificate.

The AMBA specification is an open standard that serves as a framework for SoC designs, effectively providing the 'digital glue' that binds IP cores together.

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