Component supplier management solution drives design-to-cost part development and sourcing -

Component supplier management solution drives design-to-cost part development and sourcing

BRUSSELS, Belgium — Dassault Systèmes is offering high-tech companies a more effective way to utilize design-for-cost capabilities early in the product lifecycle.

Building on its broader high tech PLM offering, the DS ENOVIA Component Supplier Management (CSM) Initiative will enable companies to promote a more comprehensive design anywhere, manufacture anywhere strategy incorporating global re-use, standardization and utilization of parts and components across their entire product development process. This approach helps to drive organizational agility and savings by maximizing margins, driving economies of scale, reducing cycle times and improving overall quality.

“Most organizations today are challenged with the efficient management, reuse and standardization of parts. Whether they are sourcing commercial off-the-shelf parts or a component for a custom design, not having a comprehensive picture of what is available results in duplication and consequently, lost time and money for the organization,” said Rob Shinno, global director, High-Tech Market Development, Dassault Systèmes.

Rob adds, “Ultimately our aim here is to help high tech companies shift their focus from managing internal costs only, or external price only, to a complete understanding and management of all cost drivers across the value chain.”

A recent AMR Research study highlighting the top priorities for high tech manufacturing executives indicated that 19 percent of respondents identified managing supplier quality, compliance and overall performance as being of paramount importance in 2008. By integrating CSM into their design and manufacturing processes, companies have the added benefit of being able to track compliance for the materials and components the configuration of each product and integrate that data into the reporting process.

With the CSM solution, organizations can bring together engineering and sourcing functions to facilitate cost-effective part development decisions (or to enable effective design to cost strategy) to drive economies of scale by maximizing part re-use and component standardization across product lines; support strategic sourcing strategies; and improve component qualities and compliance with company quality policies and multiple geographical standards and regulations.

CSM will also reduce time to market by designing component reuse through standard and consistent development and introduction process and improve supply chain performance through supplier standardization and AVL /AML (Approved Vendor List/Approved Manufacturer List) management. CSM supports global business operations and DAMA (Design Anywhere Manufacture Anywhere) strategies.

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