Compression software lets mobile platforms store more, send faster -

Compression software lets mobile platforms store more, send faster


WindSpring's Gazelle and Mobile software products take advantage of the company's patented Data Miniaturization Technology (DMT) to transform files into a Micro Data Format (MDF). By transforming and shrinking the files into a miniaturized state, they're easier to handle and can be transferred at a higher rate. Also, users can store more data and transmit files faster without increasing storage and/or network capacity or hardware cost. MDF is suited for space-constrained devices such as mobile handsets and PDAs with internal memory limitations, and wireless, mobile, and digital mapping applications such as GPS navigation and remote computing, where large amounts of data often slow system performance and communications. Unlike compression, MDF data never needs to be returned to its original larger state for editing, manipulation, display, or transfer.

Gazelle is currently available for the Windows, Linux, BREW, and PocketPC operating environments. When applied to mobile software, hardware, or network platforms, it's transparent to end-users. It's available to OEMs, application developers and service providers for traditional royalty and annual maintenance fees that are customer-specific and volume dependent. The fees are inclusive of agreed upon levels of training, and engineering and technical support.

Mobile, a standalone consumer and enterprise IT product, is a downloadable software implementation of the DMT and MDF technology, and is available for Pocket PC PDAs. It installs in seconds and works transparently with other software applications, including Microsoft Office and Active Sync, Adobe PDF and Sybase Lite applications. Mobile also operates with a range of GPS navigation applications including Microsoft Streets and Trips 2004 and 2005, ESRI ArcPad 6.0.3, Pharos Ostia 7, and applications using Telcontar's Rich Map Format. The software isn't recommended for lossy files types such as JPEG, or audio and video files. Mobile is available for $24.95 as a Pocket PC PDA software download at

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