Concept's visual debugging software added to Alpha-SX -

Concept’s visual debugging software added to Alpha-SX


LONDON — Concept Engineering and JEDAT Inc., formerly the EDA Systems Division of Seiko Instruments, have signed a worldwide OEM license agreement to incorporate Concept's NlviewQT Widget and T-engine- visual schematic and debugging software engines into JEDAT's Alpha-SX product line.

The Concept Engineering (Freiburg, Germany) T-engine allows the automatically generated transistor-level schematics to be 'pushed' to the Alpha-SX schematic editor, where designers can modify and fine tune the circuit in their familiar Alpha-SX 'cockpit'.

The combination of both NlviewQT and T-engine into Alpha-SX allows JEDAT customers to gain access to a graphical user interface that intuitively displays components, connectivity, and critical paths, and let designers quickly visualize and fix design problems, ultimately improving the design and productivity for Alpha-SX users.

Kazuhiro Miura, Project Manager of R&D, JEDAT, said, “By licensing Concept Engineering's technology into our product, we save on internal development cost and provide the most advanced visualization technology available on the market,”

Gerhard Angst, president and CEO of Concept Engineering, added, “EDA companies have found it too expensive and time-consuming to develop their own schematic generation tools,” said . “Using our ready-made software components gives companies like JEDAT the ability to automatically generate easy-to-read and easy-to-understand schematics, resulting in faster development and debug cycles for their Alpha-SX users”.

The Nlview Widget family provides a broad range of components for GUI development – Qt, Java, Tcl/Tk, MFC, wxWidget and Perl/TK – for automatic schematic generation, viewing, and debugging at all design levels: transistor, gate, block, register-transfer, and system.

T-engine recognizes common device-level circuit patterns, and can detect and analyze serial/parallel circuit paths. It also can perform current flow analysis (i.e., power-to-ground flow) and logic flow analysis including both left-to-right flow and reverse-flow detection for feedback. In addition, T-engine uses new transistor-level place-and-route techniques developed by Concept Engineering. Integrating T-engine with EDA tools allows designers of SoCs to visualize such critical information as circuit structure and timing data at the transistor level.

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