Conduction-cooled PC/104 data-acq system shrugs off shock, vibration -

Conduction-cooled PC/104 data-acq system shrugs off shock, vibration

Looking for more-or-less turnkey data acquisition? Need a ruggedized system that can be implemented without too much fussing? Then check out this new product from data acquisition equipment vendor ACCES I/O Products (San Diego, Calif.)

It's debuting a ruggedized less-than-$1200 data-acq product dubbed the Model E4-DAS The product takes its name from being E asy to use, E thernet enabled, E mbedded, and E nvironmentally adaptable.

As a PC/104 -based system, the E4-DAS is designed for embedded applications requiring a high degree of protection from damaging vibration and shock. As such, it should find applicability in military and defense, avionics, communications, process control, and automation application, to name a few.

Railed Card-Cage

The completely integrated E4-DAS is packaged in a lightweight aluminum enclosure with a railed card-cage sub-assembly that the company claims will ease serviceability. Internal elastomer inserts are also provided for vibration and shock mitigation. The system's fan-less design is conduction cooled, enabling the box itself to dissipate the heat by heat-sinking its processor and power supply on each end of the stack.

Speaking of stacks, the E4-DAS can accommodate stacks of two to six PC/104 boards (including CPU and power supply), permitting the unit to incorporate a wide range of analog and digital I/O, serial communications, relay and TTL output, wireless, Ethernet and other functions. PC/104 processors at clock speeds to 1 GHz can be integrated, even at extended temperature ranges.

Housed in a Chem-Film -finished (anodized) aluminum enclosure, a standard system configuration includes a low power 133-MHz Pentium microprocessor, and peripheral interfaces such as VGA , keyboard, and mouse, 10/100BaseT Ethernet , and quad RS-232 serial ports.

A CompactFlash socket is also available on the system's CPU board to upgrade embedded programming. An internal single 5-V supply, or an optional triple (5-V, ±12-V) output DC-to-DC power supply is used to accept system power sources of 12-V, 24-V, or 48-V.

I/O is accessed via connector cutouts on the unit's end plates.

Customization, Too

Custom systems include extensive processor and peripheral capabilities, and the integration of a selection of ACCES's (or user-specified) data acquisition, I/O, or special-function PC/104 boards.

Custom development includes minor variations of standard boards and systems to completely custom interfaces and configurations. To facilitate customization, ACCES offers in-house engineering resources to design, develop, supply, and support custom embedded systems at the board, software, and system level.

Scalable I/O

The system ships with pre-loaded board software packages containing utility and tools software, along with a variety of drivers. Source code and examples in C are provided for Linux and MS-DOS , and in a variety of languages for use in Windows versions, including Windows XP , and beyond.

Web-Based Data-Acq

TCP/IP Internet data acquisition is also possible using this system. An on-board Web server can be fitted as well, as an option. What's more, any operating system and your applications can be pre-loaded for any production volume.

For more details contact Marty Wingett or Marc Kryjewski, Regional Sales Managers at ACCES I/O Products, Inc., 10623 Roselle Street, San Diego, Calif. 92121. Phone: 858-550-9559. Fax: 858-550-7322. E-mail:, or

Be sure to visit ACCES I/O's Web site for related product information.

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